We take meticulous care in researching and selecting all our ingredients from highly qualified and certified manufacturers and distributors within the USA. All the ingredients used in our products are 100% pure and naturally enriched with natural nutrients, natural oils, pure extracts, concentrated vitamins, organic and vegan ingredients, that help improve and repair damaged skin by moisturizing and stimulating new collagen and proteins with highly fortified anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties. All our products are formulated on a per-order basis and personally handcrafted in order to assure the maximum possible purity, best results and utmost customer satisfaction.


OLIVAOLE’s foundation is olive oil at its purest form and essence complimented with natural vitamins and nutrients that help feed and protect your skin, such as antioxidants that help protect from pollutants and free radicals, also renewing anti-aging properties that help prevent or reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, heal wounds, scars and blemishes, plus squalane that helps regulate the sebum secretion and serves as a natural moisturizer. There are countless benefits in using a natural and pure olive oil based product as part of your daily skin care regime due to the various bare essential constituents that true olive oil imparts. Already naturally rich in iron and vitamins we have fortified all our products with additional natural nutrients that enhance the potency and effectiveness in helping support the anti-aging process. OLIVAOLE’ encompasses all of these vital elements into a pure and natural form, carefully mixing a perfectly balanced formula of only pure and natural ingredients that help keep your skin moisturized, feeling fresh and younger looking.


Most people who are prone to breakouts are adamant about only using oil-free creams, foundations and concealers because they think oil will make their breakouts worse. Many beauty companies manufacture oil-free versions of just about everything, even blush and eye shadow. However, most dermatologists suggest that having "oil-free" inscribed on the label is mostly done for marketing purposes. In fact, if you read the fine print on most oil-free products, you may very well find oils on the list of ingredients. Many companies include synthetic oils in order to call the product oil-free, the irony is that synthetic oils are actually more likely to irritate your skin and worsen the natural bodily oil secretion.

Why all the Chemicals?

Although many beauty care and cosmetics products claim to be natural, please take time to read the labels, it is no secret that most of these products contain chemicals, additives, preservatives, synthetics, fillers, toxins, perfumes, dyes, alcohol, waxes, solvents, artificial and byproducts among various other ingredients practically impossible to pronounce. A commonly asked question is, do beauty care and cosmetics products claiming to be natural actually contain any natural ingredients? The answer is typically yes some do, however in most cases the ingredients are diluted and are of lesser grade quality and do not contain enough of the natural active ingredients necessary to actually be effective. Generally beauty care and cosmetics companies mostly do this because these ingredients are inexpensive and extend shelf-life as well as use the bare minimum amount possible so they can legally list them on their labels. Therefore please read the labels and research the ingredients, as many of these products could be harmful to your skin.

Airless Pump Bottles

The specially designed airless pump bottles that we use for our serum and moisturizer offer smooth dispensing, 95%+ product evacuation and precise desired amount. They work simply by using vacuum pressure and require no extraction propellants or additives, therefore the lack of air inside the chamber prevents pollutants, rancidness and therefore it extends its shelf-life in a safe and natural manner.

Benefits of Olive Oil:
Olive oil for oily skin: