We are a young and growing independent company of dedicated professionals who thrive on providing personalized service and quality natural products. All of our products are made to order on a per-order basis in order to ensure the utmost integrity, potency, purity, freshness and effectiveness. We do not store inventory in a warehouse, instead our philosophy is that when the customer places an order, within 24 to 48 hours we will prepare and ship a freshly bottled item so its utmost integrity, purity, freshness, potency and maximum effectiveness is always assured.


Our mission at OLIVAOLE´ is to accentuate your individual splendor and enhance your natural beauty by maximizing on the benefits of nature and natural products; using only 100% natural oils, pure extracts and concentrated vitamins that help maintain your skin’s moisture and elasticity. Our carefully formulated anti-aging serum, moisturizer / cleanser, scrub and soaps will help prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, keeping your skin feeling supple, fresher and more rejuvenated.


Olive oil skin care is not a fad nor a recent scientific discovery, in fact it is an ancient beauty secret used since the days of Cleopatra. Discovered numerous centuries ago, olive oil is high on antioxidants and vitamin-e, both nutrients known for protecting against age acceleration and free radicals. Olive oil has become an essential component in various skin care products as for decades we have admired the beautiful complexion of Mediterranean women.

Olive Oil

Although olive oil has become a common component in many skin care products, in most cases it seems to be more of a cliché marketing catchphrase than truly accurate or effective. Many mass produced skin care products making this claim either include a minimal amount or inferior quality olive oil, as usually these products include substitutes, synthetics or derivative byproducts diluted with water, alcohol and an array of other chemicals; consequently rendering the finished product sold to the consumer nothing more than a highly priced placebo. The same rule of thumb applies for most mass produced skin care products asserting to be 100% Natural, regardless of brand name, attractive packaging or retail price. To achieve long shelf-life the product’s purity, integrity and effectiveness is compromised by adding synthetic additives, preservatives, fillers, toxins, perfumes, dyes, alcohol, waxes and many other artificially derived ingredients. Regrettably often is the case that most of these mass produced skin care products, typically tend to be ineffective, contrary to what they advertise to prevent and or improve. This is why OLIVAOLE´ takes great pride in assuring our customers that all the ingredients used in our products are truly 100% pure.